Monday, October 12, 2015

Background on the Blogger

Well for one, I'm about as far from a blogger as they come; in other words, I've never had one, nor did I ever think there would come a day I would have one. I'd rather invest my time in fantasy football, unloading some lead at the shooting range, play sports, "veg out" and watch sports—with a beer in hand, go on a week long survival excursion, and about a hundred other things that I would rather preoccupy my self with—but that's not the case.

At twenty-seven years old, I am currently beginning my second semester at Rhode Island College, the first college I've ever attended and I'm primarily the first one of my immediate family to go to college, so the pressure is on. Being a scholastic-award-winning art major I was excepted by some great art schools, one being RISD (Rhode Island School of Design); but that was strictly by the art department only—who knew an art school cared about grades? Needless to say, I was better off.

After many conversations with different Army and Marine recruiters I decided to join the Coast Guard Reserves in 2007, which was undoubtably the best decision I made for my future. I was assigned to a strictly deployable unit, where we were either deployed to provide support during war, responding to hurricanes or any type of natural disaster that we are called upon for, or we were training for our next rotation to deploy. I've traveled to many places most can say they haven't gone, or would go. I've made many lifelong friendships, some of the greatest stand-up individuals I know, and some of the most interesting. I started working in the restaurant business since I was fifteen; worked as a barber in a professional barber shop and part-time in the military; now I currently work at the Providence VA. As of now, I am only taking general education courses have not declared a major. Truthfully, I chose this course because I didn't have many options but I'm starting to appreciate the way it worked out. Although I do not foresee being converted to a feminist by the end of this class, I do already see a positive change in how I view the issues with diversity and inequality in our society today.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story, and nice to see you up and posting here! Looking forward to seeing more!